GoSixt Special Edition Barbados 2016

GoSixt Barbados, Special Edition 2016

GoSixt Barbados: “The Land Of A Smile”

Dignity, beauty, rhythm: Barbados. The Caribbean island enchants all your senses. Waves, sand, calypso – and the Barbadians. They have character. Beautiful Barbados.

By Wolfgang Timpe and Erol Gurian (Photos)

“Oh my God, stop it, please, unbelievable!”, neat midlife British women cheering at the race, while the young Michelle simply shouts out “funny”. But loud whistling in the green forest brush is all part of it. The defender “Miss Piggy” pounds through meter deep mud holes with a howling four wheel drive, jumps over puddles to then crash land on the leaf springs of the jeep and to test the elasticity of the spine. „Hey Ladies, it’s just a marketing tour of Land Rover”,

The guide laughs and driver Jan Webster laughs over his own joke, while the brown “mud” soup from the forest ground coats the off roader.  “Okay, okay ladies“, Jan assures his small adventure community of eight, “I’ll bring you back to civilisation.”

Everyone is laughing, everyone is perspiring, everyone is looking forward to the heavy endurance competition at the next stop at Barclays Park, Atlantic. Dream destination Barbados. The easternmost Caribbean island with its picturesque pacific beaches in the west and its rough Atlantic coast in the east the entire splendour of its diversity, beauty and uniqueness unfolds on this Island Safari Tour. Palm beaches, sugar cane plantations, historic farm houses, rum distilleries, luxury resorts and water sport. Here in the east Barbados shows its individual Caribbean face. Here where steep cliffs take turns with surfers for the best swell in Bathsheba; where the breeze blows unremittingly, where fresh wind and the finest water mist of the surf cool the skin and leaves a slight salty taste on the tongue: Tour participant Michelle Dexter, 46-year old graphic designer from

London, feels at home here. “Barbados is home, Barbados is the United Kingdom of the Caribbean” she beams and enjoys the first day of her holiday to the full. She is like all visitors and the Barbadians themselves excited about the contrast between the laidback Caribbean atmosphere on the Gold Coast in the west and the rugged east coast, the “Little Scotland“ as the locals have christened it. Barbados, once the world’s largest sugar producer, declared its independence on 30th November 1966 after a short Portuguese and then longer British colonial rule and today lives essentially on its tourism which accounts for 75 percent of the gross national product. The Barbadians are proud that they are wealthiest country in the Caribbean and have the best education level. “The well-educated people are our asset, their smile is our trademark.” says Austin Husbands of the Barbados Tourism Authority. The friendly elder statesman finds it important that Barbados positions itself economically more broadly in the future. „We want to develop and grow new competences in the IT area.” How? “We are sending well-educated young people out into the world and they then come back and modernise Barbados further.” Not just Austin Husbands, all Barbadians are proud of themselves, their island and their standard of living.

It’s no coincidence that the Global First Class feel at home in Barbados with luxury resorts Sandy Lane or The Crane as well as the new premium villas from culture architect Alang Alang on Paradise Beach (yes, where else?). Whether Oscar winner Helen Mirren, Prince Edward or Sir Cliff Richard dine colonially in the historical plantation house “Fisherpond Great House”; or whether Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Webber or motor sport guru Eddie Jordan have already bought several Alang Barbados villas: “In Barbados the X Factor rules“, adds Geoff Wilford, sales director of Luxuslofts (luxury apartments) where the living rooms have no walls, so the Barbados breeze can caress the soul. Also that individual versions cost in the two-digit million range, does not matter. Crisis?

Our customers do not need to refinance luxury. They have it“, laughs Wilford. A wealth that not everyone truly has on Barbados, but perhaps also does not necessarily need. Envious? Very rarely. Good education, solid career prospects, neighbourly help and low crime provide a social sound ground on Barbados:   To be able to enjoy. For the 39 year old Sonie from St. Peter it is the most wonderful thing to give a “gospel breakfast” to her mother Cynthia on her 66th birthday in luxury resort The Crane. Both are proud that here at The Crane is one of the top ten beaches in the world and that people come from all over the world to Barbados. And Royal Diadems gospel choir leader Ronald Bullen is happy when he goes across the island with his “mobile church” and “relaxes people’s facial features in singing.” For: „Singing is the root of life. Those who don‘t sing get sad.” It says, and in the background the turquoise coloured ocean waves ripple to the Crane’s waterfront.  The paradise can be heard. Or swimming underwater. On the turtle swim tour with the catamaran “Excellence Too” fun and adventure sport are enjoyed – leaving you at the end with the feeling of Barbadian life. After a warm-up rum punch, a light lunch and an underwater paddle with tamed turtles Maat Shawn Carter puts on a disco. And from onward there is no end of dancing on the return journey into the port of Bridgetown.

Regardless of whether you are fat or thin, young or old, stuffy or relaxed, everyone, really everyone swings to the rhythms of Soca, Barbados versions of Harry Belafontes Calypso. Soca – a word marriage from soul and calypso – let your hips swing and even the last stress heads just relax. The powerful stature with a deep pounding voice of barman David that enraptures the ladies and sweeps them away – is another Caribbean story. Gentle afternoon light illuminates the Caribbean stage in the west of Barbados, the mild light coats the dream beach ochre colour.  Barbados breathes Paradise. East-Caribbean reality. And if something goes wrong in life – in Barbados the feeling of wellbeing is present day and night with a constant 29 degree Celsius – then you simply forget the seriousness of life: just with a smile. Tourist manager Austin Husbands, 65, has trained it. „I have learned to smile at least once a day“. That makes me self-assured and gives me a good feeling.” No Keep Marketing Smiling, but a real lust of life, quiet optimism.

Dignity, beauty, rhythm: Barbados. The Caribbean island with its gentle pacific und the rough Atlantic coast enchants all senses. Sun, sea, calypso and Barbadians. The people have character. Beautiful Barbados. Land of the smile.   Wolfgang Timpe, GoSixt Barbados.

The Caribbean stage. When the soft light colours the pacific turquoise and the mild afternoon sun coats the sand ochre colour, Barbados breathes paradise. Aerial view of the west coast of Barbados near the fishing village Sherman. Foto: Erol Gurian

GoSixt Barbados II: The Caribbean stage. When the soft light colours the pacific turquoise and the mild afternoon sun coats the sand ochre colour, Barbados breathes paradise. Aerial view of the west coast of Barbados near the fishing village Sherman. Foto: Erol Gurian

GoSixt Barbados III: “We are a mobile church.” Choir leader Ronald Bullen (centre) with his „Royal Diadems”; Sonie gave her mother Cynthia (right) the “gospel breakfast” on her birthday at the Crane Resort. Foto: Erol Gurian

GoSixt Barbados III: “We are a mobile church.” Choir leader Ronald Bullen (centre) with his „Royal Diadems”; Sonie gave her mother Cynthia (right) the
“gospel breakfast” on her birthday at the Crane Resort. Foto: Erol Gurian

GoSixt Barbados IV: “There is no rain, only liquid sunshine. Safari adventures with defender “Miss Piggy”. Foto: Erol Gurian

GoSixt Barbados IV: “There is no rain, only liquid sunshine. Safari adventures with defender “Miss Piggy”. Foto: Erol Gurian