Karibik, Barbados: Beautiful Land Of A Smile

GoSixt, Karibik, Barbados: “The Land Of A Smile”

Dignity, beauty, rhythm: Barbados. The Caribbean island enchants all your senses. Waves, sand, calypso – and the Barbadians. They have character. Beautiful Barbados.

By Wolfgang Timpe and Erol Gurian (Photos)

Und hier geht es zur Reportage …

Und hier geht es zur GoSixt Special Edition …

“Oh my God, stop it, please, unbelievable!”, neat midlife British women cheering at the race, while the young Michelle simply shouts out “funny”. But loud whistling in the green forest brush is all part of it. The defender “Miss Piggy” pounds through meter deep mud holes with a howling four wheel drive, jumps over puddles to then crash land on the leaf springs of the jeep and to test the elasticity of the spine. „Hey Ladies, it’s just a marketing tour of Land Rover”,

The guide laughs and driver Jan Webster laughs over his own joke, while the brown “mud” soup from the forest ground coats the off roader.  “Okay, okay ladies“, Jan assures his small adventure community of eight, “I’ll bring you back to civilisation.”

Everyone is laughing, everyone is perspiring, everyone is looking forward to the heavy endurance competition at the next stop at Barclays Park, Atlantic. Dream destination Barbados. The easternmost Caribbean island with its picturesque pacific beaches in the west and its rough Atlantic coast in the east the entire splendour of its diversity, beauty and uniqueness unfolds on this Island Safari Tour. Palm beaches, sugar cane plantations, historic farm houses, rum distilleries, luxury resorts and water sport. Here in the east Barbados shows its individual Caribbean face. Here where steep cliffs take turns with surfers for the best swell in Bathsheba; where the breeze blows unremittingly, where fresh wind and the finest water mist of the surf cool the skin and leaves a slight salty taste on the tongue: Tour participant Michelle Dexter, 46-year old graphic designer from London, feels at home here. “Barbados is home, Barbados is the United Kingdom of the Caribbean” she beams and enjoys the first day of her holiday to the full … Wolfgang Timpe – GoSixt, Karibik, Barbados.

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